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Tomsk is oldest city in Siberia, based in 1604. Now Tomsk has 700,000 people. It is the Student Capital of Siberia because there are 6 universities here. Tomsk State University is the first university in Siberia (Russia). Today Tomsk State University is a major university with a wide range of educational and research activities. It incorporates 4 research institutes, 6 museums, a library and a botanical garden. The university is continually expending, offering new speciality fields and new courses. There are 24 departments here and more than 20 000 students every year. In 2009 Tomsk University entered in the 16 best Russian national research universities and now it is called National Research Tomsk State University. The conference will be held at the beautiful city center campus of the Tomsk State University. The conference will start on Monday 4.07.2022 and it will end on Wednesday 6.07.2022.

The House with a Hipped Roof

A real masterpiece of wooden architecture that Tomsk residents called “a house with a hipped roof”. Besides, it’s an architectural monument of federal importance. Now, it is used as the Russian-German House, a center of the cultural life of Tomsk Germans. The building is surrounded by a small park where you can walk or have a rest on a bench.

House with firebirds

The famous house with firebirds is not only one of the symbols of Tomsk, but also a vivid example of wooden architecture. this amazingly beautiful two-story house, reminiscent of a fairytale tower, was built at the very beginning of the twentieth century.

Epiphany Cathedral

Epiphany Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Tomsk. It originates from a wooden church built in 1630. The building of the cathedral is an example of the Siberian baroque. The facades of the temple are elegantly decorated with openwork pilasters and onion kokoshniks.

House with a spire

The house with a spire is an architectural monument of local wooden architecture. The mansion of V.I. Vasilkov was built t the beginning of the 20th century according to the project of the architect V.F. Orzheshko in the style of Gothic Art Nouveau.

The mansion of the architect S.V. Khomich

Khomich's mansion surpasses all buildings in Tomsk in terms of the number of decorative elements. A spire, various bay windows, carved windows and balconies – the house looks a bit like a fairytale tower. The wooden city mansion in the Russian style was built in 1904 and is a monument of urban planning and architecture of federal significance.

Garrison House of Officers named after N.N. Yakovlev

The House of Officers or the former Public (Noble) Assembly is one of the most majestic and beautiful buildings in Tomsk, its history began in the middle of the 19th century. This is a monument of history of local importance, as well as an architectural monument of federal significance. The hall was often used for various events, performances were staged in it, concerts and exhibitions were held.

Resurrection church

Orthodox church in Tomsk. The Voskresenskaya Mountain is named after the temple, on the cape of which it is located. The church is made in the unique Siberian Baroque style of the 18th century. In the details of its external and internal decoration, elements of the Gothic are also read.

Voskresenskaya Mountain

The territory of Voskresenskaya Mountain is the place where the city began. It was here in 1604 that the Cossacks sent by Boris Godunov founded the Tomsk prison. Thus, the date of the foundation of the Tomsk fortress was also the date of the foundation of the city of Tomsk.

Novosobornaya Square

Novosobornaya square is one of the main cultural places of Tomsk. Local residents and guests of our city like to relax here due to the convenient location, abundance of monuments and picturesque nature. Opposite are the main buildings of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics and the Siberian State Medical University.

Lagerny Sad

Lagerny Sad is a real natural monument within the boundaries of a modern city. This is a cozy park with neat paths and benches. Here you can see the best panorama of the Tom River. Also on the territory there is a memorial of military and labor glory with the Eternal Flame.



634050, Lenin Ave 36, Tomsk, Russia